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Time to get uncomfy...

Today im going to get uncomfortable... that's right... uncomfortable... but its all for God's glory!

Today we are doing our last fundraiser for our mission trip in July... My SMASH group is going to be working at Pizza Inn tonight and we will get all the tips and they will go towards our mission trip to Kentucky next month... July 11-16 ... so not far away at all... I am very excited too!!

Although I admit I am a little bit nervous... its not easy for me... but I am willing to try and help tonight to do the best I can.. Eeek!!

My new love and a Fear Conqured.

Well I got a new camera, a dream come true for me... I have wanted a SLR Camera for a long time now and finally were able to get one... I need to save up and get some better lenses though but over all I am really happy about it.

( My Old Camera! ) It was great, and was a great step in between every day cameras and Slr camera's ... it took beautiful pictures but was not quite as beautiful as my new camera :)

So one day I decided I wanted to go ride up to a local falls, and just play with my new camera..
I am still learning so its not the best shot in the world... but yea...you get to see the falls ;) next time I go, I will take a better picture. but anyways.. my whole reasoning for going up towards the falls was I thought I could find some icicles. Well I seen one patch and was going to turn around but decided I would keep driving and drive to the look off view and take pictures... well as soon as I turned on the road... all I could think about was my wreck I had years ago... I have been up that way a few times since my wreck but never have I drove there since...and alone, at that...
And so I was a little nervous, I want lie... and I started to wonder how long is this Road!? Well I made it to the look out view

Then from this look out viewing area you can go through the Devils Kitchen to get to another look out view ...
its a really narrow place and you feel kinda trapped in the walls of the mountain... and when you look up it... its kinda errie to see the light above you but not around you...

after walking through the Devils Kitchen, I seen some really cool icicles but because of the barriers and conditions.. I was unable to get to them where I could get a good picture... but I did see few small ones...
Then I made it to Caesars head

After I drove back down the mountain very carefully and I made it, I conquered a fear! I got out there and I am glad I went!

I also have joined a photo group that challenges me to take different pictures and shots that I am still learning about... so stay tuned... for those upcoming post!

Loaded Baked Potato Soup


4 baking potatoes
2/3 cup butter
2/3 cup all-purpose flour
6 cup milk
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon of black peper
12 slices of bacon or 3oz real Bacon bits pack (i used oscar mayer)
5 ounces Shredded Cheddar cheese

8oz Sour Cream is option // I did not use sour cream.

Bake Potatoes for 1hr at 400F (200c) Then scoop out the inside of the potatoes and set aside. Discard the skin

Melt the Butter in a large skillet on Medium/Low heat. Stir in the flour to make a roux. Cook 1 min, stirring constantly... Then Gradually pour in the milk while stirring until all milk has been added, bring to meduim and keep stirring until its starts to get thick... add in potatoes,cheese, salt, pepper, bacon and stir then continue to let it heat 5-10mins letting the flavors blend. Then serve :)

Serves -6

I am still around, I am I am!!!

These actually had writing and advertisement all over them for the power company...they also had energy saving light bulbs in each can...but I thought it would be a neat thing to keep some change in and crafty stuff... so I made them look nice :)

Last Sunday I was down town with my church friends and it was a beautiful night.... we went to play putt putt (mini golf) at this new indoor place which I must say was very creative for the little space they had... but this one hole... was neat... it is a bowling lane hole but what is cool was it was made from the old flooring in the building which was from the first bowling alley ever in the city.
Friday I didn't have to work but half a day so we took advantage of the time and went walking on the new trail in town... The trail goes from one city to another city... it actually follows the old rail road system and was really nice!
This is an old plant that is on the walk of the trail ... I thought it looked cool...

We got off the trail when we got to Furman University a local college...but its a really nice place for everyone to come and enjoy and place people take tons of photos at :) So theses are few of the flowers around the lake....

We took a drive and went by this is really cool old stone bridge, which was the only state road from Greenville,SC To Asheville,NC and it was built in 1820 by Abram Landing and name for Joel Roberts Poinsett.... Now it has not been in use for many many years but you can still walk off the road and find it and is still holding up!

I appoligize for the blurryness of some of the pictures, some day I will ride back up there and get more pictures, I can't wait to at fall time lol


My Bubbles!!!

Had fun the other day with bubbles, trying to capture them as they floated past me...and up into clouds .....


One beautiful afternoon

I seen this flower growing near the creek in the backyard

This one was at my grandmother's house and on the side of our yard is a small dogwood tree

and one happy Harper
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